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∞ The sacred code of the Tarot of Marseilles ∞

The rediscovery of the original nature
of the Tarot of Marseilles

This work, containing more than 200 photos and illustrations all in color, presents for the first time to the public the original structure and nature of the Tarot of Marseilles, philosophic instrument par excellence expressing, by its symbolic icons, the “ game of the government of the World ” common to all the humanity. Entirely generated by the sacred geometry of the Metatron's Cube, blueprint of the archetypal matrix of the Universe, the Tarot of Marseilles constitutes an analogical model of the world. It conveys, for centuries, the science of the ancient Builders, and communicates the “ Gay Sçavoir ” of age-old one and merry philosophy of life in all those who answer the invitation to cross the door of its Arcana and dare to penetrate their Mysteries…

Available since April 14th, 2011
Published by Éditions Trajectoire and distributed by DG Diffusion in French-speaking Europe, as well as by C.A.R.D. and distributed by Distribution SMW in Quebec and Canada.
Format 18 x 25 cm • 245 color pages • Retail price : 29 €

Copies signed by the author
available in the online shop.

Le Code Sacré du Tarot - la redécouverte de la nature originelle du Tarot de Marseille

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e-code-sacre-du-tarot_sommaire e-code-sacre-du-tarot_intro e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p12 e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p21
e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p27-29 e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p32 e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p35 e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p37
e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p41 e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p106 e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p122 e-code-sacre-du-tarot_p205

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This book presents to the public for the first time :

• The original nature and significations of the Tarot, deck of cards so fascinating and mysterious that the secret of its origin, its structure and its raison d'être was the object of a multi-secular quest, which has stayed without answers on the fundamental points until the publication of the present work.

• The sacred geometry of the structure, the iconography and the organization of the Marseilles Tarot, and the demonstration that this very deck constitutes the archetypal model of the Tarots most known and used nowadays, in complete analogical relationship with the code of all the sacred codes : the DNA, our genetic code, base of all consciousness and evolution.

• The demonstration that the Tarot of Marseilles is integrally designed according to the codes of the sacred arts, and that it recovers from an authentic traditional science, translating a universal cosmology.

• The Tarot of Marseilles as an authentic instrument of knowledge of oneself, the world and the Universe, proposing a complete way of personal fulfillment, accessible to all.

• The elementary practices of the Tarot of Marseilles, defined by a rigorous theory, allowing to understand the language of the Tarot and to read the cards in a playful and intuitive, clear and effective way, even for novices.

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